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Is Wearing Sneakers Without Socks Still A Big Fad/Fashion Today?

28 Nov 2006 09:16:57 -0800

I always wear my sneakers without socks, because I hate wearing socks.
I have been wearing my sneakers without socks for many years. In the
80s, I would remember seeing a lot of kids (Both boys and girls) in
school wear their sneakers without any socks whether the weather is hot
or cold. I would wear my sneakers without socks to school like 3 to 4
days a week, and as the years went on I would do it daily. I still

Your shoes must reek.

don't wear socks in my sneakers, and now and then I still see kids of
all ages (As young as 7) wear their sneakers without socks year round,
(Both boys and girls) Sometimes if it is very cold outside, I would see
a few kids wear sneakers without socks. IS that still a big fashion
today. I do see some sneakers that are extremely comfortable to wear

No. You are seeing poor kids who can't afford socks.

without socks, since I have a few pairs myself, and I do see some
sneakers that are displayed at department stores worn without socks
with those manikin displays. I even see ads in the paper of certain
sneakers worn without socks with young kids.

haha, yeah i suppose fashion always turn a way round. i remember when i
was in primary school it was high socks, but when i come to mid
secondary school there was this whole buzz about ankle socks and the
girls in my school are pulling their normal length socks so low so that
they can't be seen from outside the shoes! if you ask me, i think
footless tights and socks are the in-thing now.

People with a foot fetish, such as yourself, will wear what they
please. Also, most do not come to a fashion board and expose their
fetish to others.