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Family relationship between Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II?

25 Jun 2006 10:01:16 -0700

Just happened to see the movie "Elizabeth" with Cate Blanchette the
other day on television.

Quick question: on the family tree, what is the relationship between
the two Queen Elizabeths? All I know is that the present Queen isn't
a direct descendant.


Elizabeth II is descended from Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, second

As already detailed earlier in this thread, the two Queens were not
second cousins; they were first cousins once removed.

cousin to
Elizabeth I.

Your question has been answered (accurately), so I feel free to add
that almost nothing in the film is historically accurate except that
they made up the actress who plays Mary Tudor to look remarkably like
the later portraits of Mary Tudor.

For an excellent and largely accurate dramatization of Elizabeth's
reign, I recommend the series Elizabeth R starring Glenda Jackson,
which appeared on BBC (and PBS) ages ago and is available on video.

Jean Coeur de Lapin

They are 1st cousins, 14 times removed, thus:

1. Henry VII
2. Henry VIII
3. Elizabeth I

1. Henry VII
2. Margaret Tudor
3. James V of Scots
4. Mary I of Scots
5. James VI & I
6. Elizabeth Stuart
7. The Electress Sophia
8. George I
9. George II
10. Frederick, Prince of Wales
11. George III
12. Edward, Duke of Kent
13. Victoria
14. Edward VII
15. George V
16. George VI
17. Elizabeth II

Thank you very much!

Charles Riordan...
The relationship and descents given above are quite correct, It might
also be noted, however, that Henry VIII snd Margaret Tudor were full
brother and sister (same mother as well as same father), so that the
common descent begins not only with henry VII,, but also with his wife,
Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth of York was the daughter of a king (Edward
IV), the sister of a king (Edward V, elder of the two "Princes in the
Tower"), niece of a king (Richard III), wife of a king (Henry VII),
and, although not during her own lifetime, mother of a king (Henry
VIII). Although de facto only a Queen Consort, she was, according to
one plausible theory, de jure Queen Regnant.

Charles Riordan