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Count Bruce

8 May 2006 08:03:25 -0700

A E Reed...
Was Aleksandr Romanovich Bryus (Bruce) 1708-1752, created Graf/Count
Bryus in 1740, related to the Bruce family of Scotland? He married

President of Berg- and Manufacture- Collegias General-Feldzeugmeister
Iakov Willimovich Bruce (James Daniel 1670-1735
1721 by Peter the Great.

On March 29 OS 1740 Empress Anna signed the decree about transfer of
this title to his nephew Alexander Romanovich

His only son's daughter married Count Musin-Pushkin who was allowed by
Emperor Paul in 1796 to attach the surname of Bruce and to use the
style of Count Musin-Pushkin-Bruce. He dissipated all her inheritance
and this was the reason for divorce.

James Bruce (d.1695) arrived in Russia in 1647 with William (d.1680 as
Maj.-Gen.). Eldest son of William, Roman (1668-1720) was first
Ober-Commendant of St.Petersburg and father of 2nd Count.

Robert de Brusse (came to England with William the Conqueror, 1066)
Adam de Brusse of Skelton, Lord of Cleveland (d 1098)
Robert de Bruce, Lord of Skelton and 1st of Annandale (d 05.1141)
Sir Robert de Bruce, 2nd Lord of Annandale (b c1103, d 1194)
William de Bruce, 3rd Lord of Annandale (b c1142, d 1215)
Sir Robert de Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale (d 1245)
Sir Robert de Bruce, 'the Competitor', 5th Lord of Annandale (b 1210, d
Sir John de Bruce not mentioned by TSP (Carrick)
Sir Robert de Bruce (d Dupplin 1332)
Sir Thomas Bruce, 1st Baron of Clackmannan (d 1358/9)
Sir Robert de Bruce, 2nd of Clackmannan & Rate (d 1403)
Sir Robert Bruce, 3rd of Clackmannan & Rate (d by 1406)
Sir David Bruce, 4th of Clackmannan & Rate
John Bruce, 5th of Clackmannan & Rate (d 1473)
Sir David Bruce, 6th of Clackmannan & Rate (d c1506)
Sir David Bruce, 7th of Clackmannan (a 1556)
John Bruce (dvp)
Sir Robert Bruce, 8th Baron of Clackmannan
James Bruce of Clackmannan
Robert Bruce of Clackmannan
William Bruce of Clackmannan 1623-1680

Ekaterina Alekseevna Dolgorukova
(1712-1745), previously betrothed to Peter II of Russia.

Yes, the Russian Count Bruce line is descended from the Scottish
Family. The current head of the Russian branch is the Count

See Major William Bruce Armstrong, "Collecteana Bruceana," and "Bruce:
The First 1200 Years" by Michael von Stambach Bruce, for more detail.
(Neither publication will be easy to find.)

T.A. Bruce

A E Reed...
WorldCat has no listing for the first item you mention and a copy of
the second item (actually a pamphet) is located nearly 2,000 miles from
me and is not available for ILL. Perhaps you would post the descent of
Count Bruce from the Scottish family. Thanks for the help and