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Leah Remini: What In the World Happened?

Tue, 27 Dec 2005 06:39:33 -0700

Larry R Harrison Jr...
Yes I know, she was pregnant 2004. But that was nearly 2 years ago now.

Yeah, lucky for her she didn't develop post-partum psychosis, huh?

It's really odd that your "son" doesn't show up in any of your photos,
Larry. Did you and your wife decide to give him up for adoption or

Everytime I see her on "King of Queens" she looks as big as a house. DO NOT
get me wrong, I know all women can't be size 6's, but then again she was
that and I have seen many women have children and then regain their previous

FAT CHICKS ON MY TV!?! What am I paying good money for?

This IS her previous form. Like most people who diet, she couldn't
keep it off.

She's was skinny since Cheers and Saved by the Bell almost 15 years ago.

Leah Remini is just today's version of Sally Struthers or Kirstie Alley.
A once-skinny actress who got fat. She just got fat DURING her primetime
stint instead of AFTER.

Nah. She was skinny in a two-piece bikini on 'Saved By The Bell' and she
wasn't fat until she got pregnant in 2004. I just wish Leah Remini had
become just another Mario Lopez.

Nothing is sadder--or frankly, more inspiring of me to rant off on
"laziness"--than seeing a woman let herself go. This is looking like a Sally
Struthers rerun some 30 years later.

I haven't seen Remini recently, but I've always liked her as an actress
(ever since she turned up on Evening Shade, anyway), and I don't care what
size she is. But in terms of *realism*, many more women *do not* return to
their former size after having kids. Does every sitcom have to be "fat
guy, skinny wife"?

Barry Margolin...
No, but that *was* the premise of KofQ.

But I'm sure the producers of the show, the creators of the show and the
show's stars wouldn't tell you this. ;-)

I believe there was some recent talk of passing a law. :)

The According To Jim Law. ;-) Somewhere, somehow, I picture David
high-tailing it to Canada.

Larry R Harrison Jr...
In response to your first point--I have seen many women who DO return to

Its that dam Scientology

But shouldn't "stuffing the cashcow" require Remini to go to the
poorhouse to bloat the Scientology bank account instead of bloating her
(sweaty, oily) body w/ food??????

Is that the new sitcom staring Tom and Katie?

previous form and still look great, so in my book those who don't are being
lazy and not being a good stewart of their body. Worse, they're
disrespecting their husband and/or boyfriend who has committed to them (Leah
Remini is married) by subjecting them to a subpar appearance that they're
stuck with. What's the difference between that and a man who is highly

Patricia Martin Steward...
What about your mother, Larry? Is she model-thin?

If not, do you love her any less for it?

overweight or doesn't do the most with what he has out of respect for his
wife or girlfriend?

We so easily remember the "for better or for worse" part of marriage, but we
forget that this is NOT a license to let yourself go. To do this is
disrespectful. Your mate deserves your best--if this applies with other
things, why should it not with appearance too?

As for your second point--I actually agree. I will admit--I look at the Doug
guy and the Carrie from 3-5 years ago and think "yeah right, that's

Maybe you should just worry about yourself, stud.

Sounds like you're assuming she hasn't been trying to lose the weight.
Mary Hart interviewed her recently and Leah talked about she's struggled
to lose the weight. Mary mentioned to her that she may end up having it
for the rest of her life referring to the fact that some women simply are
not able to lose all the weight no matter how much exercise and dieting
they do.

Anyone else?

Isn't that Kevin James kinda porky?

Maybe they're just trying to make it realistic that they pair are
feeding from the same trough?

Did'nt King of Queens start that trend with the Fat Husband and the Hot
wife. Then came Still Standing, George Lopez, I think there might have been

Was the template first set with Ralph and Alice Kramden (The

You are correct-I should have said modern trend

a few more that were cancelled.

World according to Jim springs to mind as well. While it is debatable
that Courtenay is "hot" she is definately out of Jim's league in real
life, who is inarguable not "hot."

I would say that's a close one... given her age and bulkiness now.

I don't see a difference. She was chubby back when the anorexia police
thought she was "curvy" and "healthy looking" (ie: fat).

I try not to judge based on appearance.

Very big of you. Okay, judge her on personality now..... would YOU say
that's very appealing???????

I've never met her so how could I know anything about her personality. She's
an actress for heaven's sake.

Larry R Harrison Jr...
Good for you. However, I think most of us here in the civilized world
realize there is a difference between being superficial (what you're
apparently suggesting is the case with me) as opposed to taking the "it's
what's on the inside that counts" as an explanation for laziness and not
doing the most with what you've got (which I'm suggesting is what she has