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royal92.ged file

Wed, 7 Dec 2005 11:10:17 +0000 (UTC) soc.genealogy.britain

I am after a gedcom file to attach to my brother in laws ancestry file but
am only interested in Edward III's ancestors.

The royal92.ged file that many people use seems to at least be a good start.
However, it has dozens of branches of royalty. My FTM 2006 software is not
great for simply subsetting from Edward III as the export option allows for
ancestry of an individual but does not automatically pick up siblings of the
ancestors, which I would like to do. Anybody know how I can get such a

I at least want ancestors and siblings of ancestors, but if possible would
also like the spouses of ancestors/siblings as well. How can I cut this file
down as described?

I use FTM 9 so its slightly different for you.
But in essence what I'd do is to first create a new FTM file from
royal92.ged. Then Select Edward.III and go to a descendant report, showing
'n' generations. Then go to 'export' a new file and select the special

That would work for descendants, but I want ancestors of Edward III.

I cannot find an ancestry report

Any ideas

option to only export those people in the report.

Hey presto, we now have a GED file of just the people we want to see.
Choose a sensible file name because this will be stored in 'sources'.

I have three types of ancestry report on my older version. Take a look
around the top menu until you find the equivalents. I also have two
hourglass trees that show ancestors and descendants that you could try.

You should then be able to do the "Copy/export individuals in ancestor
tree" as I suggested before.

The built-in graphics are some of FTMs best features, I suggest you have a
good look around them.

Rgds, Bob

And of course, create a backup of your master database before you try to
merge the new file.

Lesley Robertson -- will FTM 2006 do this? PAF 5 does:

find Eddy-3 on your search list; select ALL DESCENDANT, then delete ALL
DESCENDANTS. That SHOULD leave you with Eddy and his ancestors and the
rest of the tree. Now he can just GED-out the entire database.
[CAVAET: yeah, there'll be some frogs to kiss, probably, but once the
descendants are unlinked, it shouldn't matter).